PS Cafe (Palais)

PS Cafe is one of the few restaurants that consistently lives up to the hype. In fact, I have yet to come across a customer with a bad experience. We had a wonderful experience at the outlet at Dempsey which had a garden-dining feel and therefore we decided to see how the branch at Palais … More PS Cafe (Palais)

Violet Oon’s Kitchen

VIOLET OON’S KITCHEN adds a gourmet flair to local Singaporean comfort food. DESCRIBED IN ONE WORD  Enjoyable – I really enjoyed the Violet Oon’s Kitchen experience. A welcoming ambiance, great service, and familiar food – you can’t not enjoy it!  Familiar – The menu was a nice combination of local favorites and asian-inspired western dishes. … More Violet Oon’s Kitchen

Au Petit Salut

AU PETIT SALUT is deemed as one of the most authentic French restaurants in Singapore. On Jonathan’s 25th birthday, we decided that it was the perfect occasion to indulge. The restaurant is tucked in the woods of Dempsey Hill, which makes it a bit hard to get to, but this also part of its appeal. … More Au Petit Salut


Among the many restaurants that line Sentosa Cove, is a bustling Cuban-Spanish restaurant. We would recommend Paradiso as a good dining option for those looking for a more affordable meal in this “posh” area.  The menu offers something for everyone. There is wide array of Cuban tapas & paellas and also a variety of familiar … More Paradiso


GRUB is a newly launched casual dining restaurant located at the heart of Bishan Park 1. Amidst the lush greenery sits the modern yet homey Grub, which prides itself in their use of carefully selected ingredients and dishes that “they would serve their own family.” DESCRIBED IN ONE WORD  Homey – The inside of the … More GRUB