Take me back to Tokyo

Tokyo has to be one of the finest destinations in Asia. The rich, refined, culture is so unique that it always makes for an exciting experience. I have been there once in the winter and once in the summer and both times have been equally epic. Regardless of the season, you’ll find that Tokyo is simply unmatched. Perhaps it is because of the amazing mix of tradition and modernity, history and technology, and attention to detail and efficiency.

Here are some of the highlights from our summer 2016 trip.

20 Lessons I Learned in My 20s

This year, I left my twenties behind and happily welcomed my thirties. To be entirely honest, approaching 30 was much less scary than the 21 year old me would have imagined it to be. I look back on the last decade of my life and I see how a combination of adventures, trials, victories, and…

Our Beloved Bangkok

Bangkok is by-far one our favorite cities in the world. When we get bitten by the travel-bug, my (Chrina) instinctive response is to say, “let’s go to Bangkok!” With the perfect combination of food, shopping and massages, what’s not to love? Here are are a few of our favorite spots in the bright and bustling city…