About Us

The idea of starting a blog was birthed shortly after Jon and Chrina moved to Singapore. They shared a common interest for food and travel and slowly began discovering new places together. These two are constantly on a quest for brunch spots to try and cities to explore. It’s not unusual for them to spend hours discussing different restaurants they’ve been to, checking the web for the most beautiful hotels and travel spots, and then picking their favorites and giving them a personal rating! It wasn’t long till they realized that their passion for food, culture, travel, design, fashion, and a bunch of other things, would fit nicely into a lifestyle blog!

Come to think of it, Chrina already  instagrams every dish placed on the table and every random pretty thing she comes across! She might as well start blogging about it. Chrina is also frequently asked by both men and women, for restaurant recommendations, travel tips, gift suggestions, and fashion advice!

Jon, on the other hand, is educated in the field of hotel management and tourism, from which he has developed a great appreciation for good service, and an eye for architectural and interior design! Not to mention that he is an amazing designer and he’d love to leisurely put his graphic design skills to use.

Why Sunday Mornings? Well, they love spending Sunday mornings together. When they started dating, instead of doing a “date night,” Sunday mornings were blocked off for some quality time together. This is when they go to church, try new restaurants, explore new places in the city, or just talk over a good cup of coffee. This blog is where they’ll be journaling all their Sunday morning escapades and more!

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