Au Petit Salut

Au Petit Salut

AU PETIT SALUT is deemed as one of the most authentic French restaurants in Singapore. On Jonathan’s 25th birthday, we decided that it was the perfect occasion to indulge. The restaurant is tucked in the woods of Dempsey Hill, which makes it a bit hard to get to, but this also part of its appeal.


J Fine.

C Gastronomic – Wikipedia defines “Gastronomy”  as the art of eating and the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine. This meal was truly gourmet and full of culture. The art of french cooking was evident in each of our dishes.


J Baked Black Cod, Quinoa, mussels & Chorizo, saffron Aioli and crustacean froth. The mussels and chorizo were finely chopped until it almost had the texture of pilaf rice. This combined with the different textures of well cooked cod and the interesting crustacean made for an explosion in my mouth! Flavors and textures came together really well.

C French duck leg confit, pear, butternut pumpkin & vanilla puree and Verjuice. The duck was cooked perfectly and mixture of flavors from sauce had a hint of fruitiness (just the way I like it!). Not mention that the plating was exquisite!



J I really enjoyed the quality of their food and service. It felt French. The detail and effort put into the little things made me love this place.

C The portions are small but I loved the attention to detail. Each ingredient is seasoned, cooked, and served with such care and love. I now understand that the art of french cooking is about the little things.


J: Hmmm.. nothing really stands out as really unique, but they make quality french food – not easy to come by in Singapore.

C: If this were France, there would be nothing unique about it. It was a typical fine dining French restaurant. But because this is Singapore, Au Petit Salut makes you feel as if you’re in a little bistro in the heart of Paris. It’s perfect for feeding our tummies and fantasies of France. 🙂


J Yes!
C Oui, s’il vous plait! I’d love to.

Food Quality & Taste  •••••
Menu Options ••••
Atmosphere/ Ambiance ••••
Service ••••
Price Range •••
Accessibility •••


Date of Visit: April 12, 2013
Meal: Dinner Address:40C Harding Road

Singapore 249548
T: 6475 1976
F: 6475 1966

Cuisine: French
Type of Restaurant: Fine Dining
Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday
Lunch : 1130hrs – 1430hrs
(Last order)
Dinner : 1830hrs – 2230hrs
(Last order) Reservations Accepted: Yes Website:


Jon + Chrina

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